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DIY Bunting

Stuck at home with the kids and looking for fun things to do?  Why not make your own bunting at home with our simple template.  Simple to colour and cut...plus they brighten the place up...what's not to love?!

Simply click to download the PDF template.
Hello Squid gang

Stock Take Lists

We are hoping that everybody is managing to cope in the current situation and want to do what we can to help in any way possible. I think we can all relate to the uncomfortable feeling you get when you see empty shelves in the shops, the truth is that there is probably more tucked away on your shelves at home than you realise! 
With that in mind we have produced these printable lists to help you take stock of what you have at home - in the cupboards, in the fridge and in the freezer. Being able to see at a glance will hopefully help you to plan your meals, not waste anything and shop sensibly. There are so many amazing recipe resources at our disposal, we can take a 'Ready, Steady, Cook' approach to things. Use up that flour lingering in the back of the cupboard and make some cakes for someone who needs cheering up or a bit of a treat.

If anyone has any suggestions for printable designs they would find useful from home learning through to cheering people up, just get in touch we would love to hear from you :-)

Simply click on the lists below to download the PDF

Top tip- Fill these out with a pencil so that you can alter them nice and easily...failing that for those with laminator you can use white board markers and alter as necessary!
Coronavirus Fridge Stocktake
coronavirus Freezer Stocktake
Covid-19 cupboard stocktake

Hello Squid gang

Weekly Planner

Here at Hello Squid HQ we try to be as organised as possible, a to-do list is always a great place to start. Last year Emma made herself a weekly planner list, to help plan out jobs and be able to see at a glance 'what's occurrin!' 
The weekly planner has proved useful and now we are all using them, so thought we would share the A4 printable sheet with you guys. There are even a couple of variations as not everyone likes the less is more approach ;)

Simply click on your preferred design below to download the PDF